At STEAM for Teens, we know what it takes to enhance our students’ education. It’s a life experience. Find out what sets us apart. We believe in Play and Learn. People learn most by having fun and playing.  Let's have fun together to learn new technologies!!




Why should you learn how to code? Because it pays well? Because you'll look smarter?

The truth is, those reasons alone won't justify the hours you'll spend on cool side-projects after you learn how to code.

So what's the real reason why you should learn how to code?

It's simply because programming is FUN!  It is fun to solve problems.  We believe having "Aha" moment is the key for this.  STEAM education can give it to you.  This is why STEAM works.

We'll teach you the joy of programming through game development.  Unity and Blender are the great tools to get you started.  It's easy to learn and can make some amazing new entertainment experiences. 

First, let's start creating some simple games and 3D art.  You'll naturally learn important coding skills along the way.

Computers are fascinating.  Game development is captivating.

We made programming fun.

Join us and let's develop some awesomeness together!


Stay home and have fun to learn!


Wednesdays (9 weeks)
10/7 - 12/9

The students will create your Roblox games in this class! They acquire the basics of programming through making and playing Roblox. We use Lua to make interactive objects. They will also learn the foundational elements of creating fun experiences. The instructor of this class will be a former game developer from SEGA and Nintendo with over 25 years of experience. We will cover how to find solutions while making games. After completing the class, students will be able to start making their games with their new ideas in the world of Roblox.


Fridays (9 weeks)
10/9 - 12/11

This class is to learn to make 3D animations with Blender, a free 3D modeling/animation tool. Through creating their animations, students learn the fundamentals of 3D animation. We make our animations from scratch! : Make a low-poly dog model of your choice using the silhouette, Rig it (bones), then Make a walk cycle animation with over 150 pages of slides to follow. After completing the class, students will learn to use Blender and be able to start making their original high-quality animations. If you have any demand to switch the software, you will find it easier to learn other 3D software such as Maya and 3DS Max once you are comfortable using Blender.




My son made me promise to review this class to make sure that everyone knows how great it is. This is the first class that I've ever seen him be ready for on his own with no extra reminders. He got to learn some 3D animation and he got to work with a teacher who was able to challenge him and keep him focused. Between what he accomplished with the knowledge and how engaged he was, plus his sheer enjoyment of it, I would definitely recommend this class and instructor!

My son started this class with no knowledge of Unity and now can create games. He loved it!

Really good class ! The teacher was very helpful and through, my son really enjoyed learning from him !!

Steam for Teens is awesome. Period! The instructor is very knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. He is patient and care about my son's progress. After the second class, my son could already model a very cute French bulldog with movable legs! Thanks Aoki! Btw he was the artist behind some very popular games at Nintendo! What else is better than learning from a professional?

My 11 year old daughter LOVED this class. I was a little worried signing her up because she hates Zoom classes and can sometimes have a limited attention span. However, she eagerly went to each 2 hour class & was so excited afterwards to show me everything she did. She was engaged & learned so much. We'll definitely be signing up for more classes!


STEAM Edutainment for the Next Generation Creators

STEAM for Teens offers STEM classes for Teens.  We have provided classes to create games to lead students to STEM education at Environmental and Adventure School in Kirkland since 2017.  We use Blender and Unity to make that possible.  (Blender is a fully equipped 3D tool to make models and animations for games.  Unity is the leading global game industry software to create games.  34% of top 1000 free mobile games are made with Unity).  Students will inspire themselves by enjoying creating their own games as well as learning C# programming.

Our curriculum is designed to be fun to experience as if students are playing a game.  We believe the students should have fun to learn!  Students will learn the basic game creation with Unity in the first few classes. Then they will be able to work on more complex projects with their creativities.

Interactive art courses and wearable computer courses are on their way to come!

Our services...


Instructor / Owner


Aoki has been the art director on several video games in SEGA and Nintendo. He is a key contributor to their multimillion sales figure titles, including Mario vs. DonkeyKong series and Sonic the Hedgehog series.

As a game creator, he has a very clear vision that good games make people happy. His passion always gears towards making fun and educational software for all ages. He always stays positive, looks for new challenges, and enjoys solving problems to obtain the best result using new technologies. His career of over 27 years in the video game industry, with more than 20 games published for all ages made him naturally to do so.

Developing leadership skills was crucial throughout his 10+ years' experience leading artists for Mario vs Donkey Kong series, and allows him to exhibit strong authoritative traits today. He now utilizing this skill to pass his knowledge to the next generation of people through teaching.



Visitors are always welcome to our school. If there’s anything you’d like to know about our programs and curriculum, please get in touch.

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3600 136th Pl SE
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