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At STEAM for Teens, we know what it takes to enhance our students’ education. It’s a life experience. Find out what sets us apart. We believe in Play and Learn. People learn most by having fun and playing.  Let's have fun together to learn new technologies!!




Why should you learn how to code? Because it pays well? Because you'll look smarter?
The truth is, those reasons alone won't justify the hours you'll spend on cool side-projects after you learn how to code.
So what's the real reason why you should learn how to code?
It's simply because programming is FUN!  It is fun to solve problems.  We believe having "Aha" moment is the key for this.  STEAM education can give it to you.  This is why STEAM works.

We'll teach you the joy of programming through game development.  Unity and Blender are the great tools to get you started.  It's easy to learn and can make some amazing new entertainment experiences. 

First, let's start creating some simple games and 3D art.  You'll naturally learn important coding skills along the way.

Computers are fascinating.  Game development is captivating.

We made programming fun.
Join us and let's develop some awesomeness together!


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Stay home and have fun learning!

Stay home and have fun to learn!

All these classes will be held through Zoom.

Image by Sigmund


We are planning to have a week long online hackathon in summer 2022.
We will have judges from gaming industry and succeceful entrepreneurs.
The detail will be annouced later. Stay tunes!


You will learn to write code to make games from scratch.


Wish to know to use 3D printers?  You will lean all the tricks to use them in this class.

You can make your story interactive in 3D!
You will learn to make 3D character moving in 3D space to create your interactive story using Blender and Unity.  Prefer to have some experience in Blender  and Unity, but not required.

Interested in making pixel style games?  This class is for you!
Students will learn to make 2D game with Piskel, FontStruct and Godot (C#).  This class covers all you need to know to create 2D games: pixel art, font and game design.


You will lean Python to create games on your Chromebook!
You will need a Chromebook to take this class.


Details are coming soon!



You will create your own model and animation for your Roblox game with Blender!


We offer very private lessons for you.

Our online one-one lessons can be taken anywhere in the world via Zoom meetings.  We will support you to make your project comes to life.
Please contact us to schedule your lessons.


My 12 year old absolutely loved this class. Mr. Aoki is incredibly knowledgeable and my son really enjoyed learning from him. Blender is very complex software (that I have no idea how to use) but somehow Mr. Aoki broke it down in such a way that the kids could create amazing things. Whenever the kids struggled, he took as much time as needed to help them get further. My son loved this class so much he asked to take it again a few months later! Thank you Mr. Aoki!

The teacher is patient and explains clearly. My son enjoys the class a lot!

My 13 year old requested this class after awesome classes with Mr. Aoki before. Here is his review: "I took two of Mr. Aoki's classes before, and I can say with confidence that I will be taking more. He explains things really well, and the amount of fast progress that I have made with Unity and Blender is incredible. Just a few lessons will get you the basics of game design." We highly recommend any classes from this organization!


7/25/2022:  PARENT

 3D Animation with Blender for Beginners        ★★★★★

Our son really enjoyed this class! The instructor was very patient with the kids.

Roblox Online 3D Game Design & Programming for Beginners        ★★★★★

Our son loved this course! He was excited each day to join! The instructor was great with the kids, spent extra time as needed and very patient. We will definitely join Mr. Aoki for another course.

6/27/2022: CHRISTINE L

 3D Animation with Blender for Beginners        ★★★★★

Eric loves the 3D animation class taught by Mr. Aoki. And we just registered him for 3D animation II in August. Eric can’t wait to start the class. Thanks, Mr. Aoki!

My daughter was very excited to join class each day. She loved the instructor, the pace and she learned a lot about how to make her own games. She’s hooked.

Class was online and my kid was 100 percent engaged the whole time. Wants to do more classes.

6/13/2022: GONZO GONZO

Class was online and my kid was 100 percent engaged the whole time. Wants to do more classes.

3/22/2022: JEN

 3D Animation with Blender for Beginners        ★★★★★

My son love this class and he’s generally not a fan of online classes. He’s excited to worn on his animation every week and it’s quite amazing how much he is able to accomplish in a very short time. I highly recommend this class to anyone who’s child is interested in video games & drawing/art.

9/22/2021: YOYOKIM■■■■@GMAIL.COM

Mr. Aoki's class is amazing. My son really enjoyed this class and he learned a lot. We can not wait for the next classes. Thank you!

Kid liked the class very much. He also applied the roblox design and programming skills to his school projects, which got high praisal in his class. At the end of this class, he designed the roblox game by himself. I highly recommend this program to the roblox and game fans.

9/22/2021: KATHY 

Class was remote. My daughter loved the class and the instructor especially. Will try to find another taught by him and other programming classes.

8/27/2021: BIN HE 

 (3D Animation with Blender for Beginners)        ★★★★★

My son had a lot of fun in the 3D Animation with Blender for Beginners class. The class is very engaging, and the student will like the format that he teaches in. Mr. Aoki is very skilled in the subject taught in his class and helps students to learn effectively. The class's content is so well designed that a beginner can finish an animation, start to finish, from Blender 3D modeling to make an animation.


My 10 year old daughter just completed the Roblox for Beginners online and learned so much in one week. The instructor was able to pace to her needs so she never felt lost, and was able to really grasp the concepts and make good progress. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to introduce their kids to Lua.

My kid had the most fun here than at any other of his camps this summer. He was so proud of his final animation!

My son was super excited to take the unity coding for VR and Mission to Mars class. He said he "finally" learned how to plug an animation into unity and how to control it. He has created several great animations since. Mission to Mars was super useful in learning how dangerous life on Mars might be, "almost like a life in a rural area". And "it's pretty chilly there too, so all you can do is ski all day (once you create a ski resort, of course)". It was also his first VR experience and he enjoyed it thoroughly. Overall the course was a great mix of learning and fun.

It was a great class! My child took the 3D animation/ Blender class and it was great! She learned a lot of useful techniques, and she was able to create a cute 3D animation. Excellent!

This was the second online camp our son took with Mr. Aoki (he took "3D Animation with Blender for Beginners" the week prior) and my son loved it! He loved the class content and he said Mr. Aoki was an awesome teacher! We are hoping to continue more classes with Mr. Aoki in the fall!

6/28/2021: HR21

3D Animation with Blender for Beginners        ★★★★★

My son was interested in learning 3d animation and so we found this online class, and my son loved it! He loved all of the things he learned during the week and thought his teacher, Mr. Aoki, was wonderful! My son was so excited to show us what he was learning each day!

The student commented as such: Mr. Aoki really helped me learn how to make animations in blender! When there was a problem, he would work hard to help me fix it! He instructed me with clear details and made sure I knew how to do the things he was teaching me!

My son really LOVED the Intro to Unity class! Mr Aoki explained the material really well and got my son motivated to keep working on his labyrinth game in between classes. A summary of the material covered was emailed to us after each class which we found helpful as well. We wished there was a next level available for the Unity class! Highly recommend!


My son enjoys learning how to code. The virtual setting is perfect. I can hear the enthusiasm in his voice when he talks to me about this course. His instructor is very polite. He listens and offers to help if and when my son has questions. I think it's important to make a learning environment a fun environment and this is definitely fun. I also love the fact there are only.2 students in this course, so that if they need a one on one assistance, the assistance is there. My son will continue with this course if there's an advanced level of it.

This is an excellent class. We are always hoping to find something that can draw the interest from a kid to serious things and this is it! My kid plays more usually but now he studies more on how to write something he was playing.

What a creative class. My daughter is hooked on 3D now . The lessons were very thorough, and the finished product was an animated video of a dog running through a snowy woods. Wow!

My son made me promise to review this class to make sure that everyone knows how great it is. This is the first class that I've ever seen him be ready for on his own with no extra reminders. He got to learn some 3D animation and he got to work with a teacher who was able to challenge him and keep him focused. Between what he accomplished with the knowledge and how engaged he was, plus his sheer enjoyment of it, I would definitely recommend this class and instructor!

My son started this class with no knowledge of Unity and now can create games. He loved it!

Really good class ! The teacher was very helpful and through, my son really enjoyed learning from him !!

Steam for Teens is awesome. Period! The instructor is very knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. He is patient and care about my son's progress. After the second class, my son could already model a very cute French bulldog with movable legs! Thanks Aoki! Btw he was the artist behind some very popular games at Nintendo! What else is better than learning from a professional?

My 11 year old daughter LOVED this class. I was a little worried signing her up because she hates Zoom classes and can sometimes have a limited attention span. However, she eagerly went to each 2 hour class & was so excited afterwards to show me everything she did. She was engaged & learned so much. We'll definitely be signing up for more classes!

Kid liked the class very much. He also applied the roblox design and programming skills to his school projects, which got high praisal in his class. At the end of this class, he designed the roblox game by himself. I highly recommend this program to the roblox and game fans.



STEAM Edutainment for the Next Generation Creators

STEAM for Teens offers STEM classes for everyone.  We have provided classes to create games to lead students to STEM education at Environmental and Adventure School in Kirkland.  We use Blender and Unity to make that possible.  (Blender is a fully equipped 3D tool to make models and animations.  Unity is the leading global game industry software to create games.).  Students will inspire themselves by enjoying creating their own games and animation as well as learning programming.

Our curriculum is designed to be fun to experience as if students are playing games.  We believe the people should have fun to learn!  Students will learn the basic game creation with Unity in the first few classes. Then they will be able to work on more complex projects with their creativities.

Interactive art courses and wearable computer courses are on their way to come!

Our services...

Instructor / Owner


Aoki has been the art director on several video games in SEGA and Nintendo. He is a key contributor to their multimillion sales figure titles, including Mario vs. DonkeyKong series and Sonic the Hedgehog series.

As a game creator, he has a very clear vision that good games make people happy. His passion always gears towards making fun and educational software for all ages. He always stays positive, looks for new challenges, and enjoys solving problems to obtain the best result using new technologies. His career of over 27 years in the video game industry, with more than 20 games published for all ages made him naturally to do so.

Developing leadership skills was crucial throughout his 10+ years' experience leading artists for Mario vs Donkey Kong series, and allows him to exhibit strong authoritative traits today. He now utilizing this skill to pass his knowledge to the next generation of people through teaching.

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