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You can stay home and learn!

We offer online private classes using Zoom. This can be the follow-up classes to the regular course or the whole new project (game/movie).

  • One student: $75/h (minimum one hour per session)

  • Two students: $65/h/person 

  • Three or more students: $50/h/person

Please contact us for schedules and availabilities.

Game for all ages!

[Sample Games]

 Your first class will be making a maze game with interactive objects if you are interested in creating games.  That should cover most of the basics for Unity.  It could be anywhere between 5 to 10 days depends on how deep you want to learn in detail.

 We will then start to create a new project based on your ideas.  We will teach how to approach problems that arise and solve them.  

We will make fun games for everyone. Our focus is always to have kids enjoy creating fun experiences for all ages.

Animations for everyone!

[Sample Animations]

 You will learn all techniques to make short animation movies with Blender. Your first movie will be a very short walking dog animation.  We'll teach you all the basics through making this movie.

 The sky is your limit.  Free your mind to create a new story of your own!  We can't wait to watch the movies directed by YOU!

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