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[7/22 - 7/26]




Mon-Fri ... 1 pm-4 pm

5+ recommended

7/22 - 7/26] afternoon GAME art: Service


 If you are interested in 3D art & animations, this is the course for you!  You will learn to create a character and make it into a 3D model then animate it using Blender. You will also learn to interact with it using Unity.

 This course is designed for those of you who are absolute beginners to Blender/Unity and interested in creating 3D animations.

The students in this class will achieve:
        - Basic understanding of Blender
        - Basic 3D modeling & rigging
        - Simple walk cycle animation
        - Basic Unity animation control

 Class taught by Kunitake Aoki, from STEAMforTeens and an industry veteran who has worked on various titles such as the Sonic series and the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series at Sega and Nintendo for over 28 years.

7/22 - 7/26] afternoon GAME art: Activities
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