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[8/12 - 8/16]




Mon-Fri ... 9 am-12 pm

5+ recommended


 If you are interested in game/app development, programming, or just enjoy a challenge, this course is for you! Over the course of 5 days, students will learn how to create a maze game from the ground up.   Students will develop the game using Unity, a professional game development tool and program using a language called C#.

 Don't worry if you are an absolute beginner to programming! We will start with the very basics and work our way up.

 The students in this class will achieve:
        - Basic understanding of Unity
        - Basic coding in C#
        - Build some games using Unity
        - Get assistance on other computer skills

 This class will be instructed by Kunitake Aoki, from STEAMforTeens and an industry veteran who has worked on various titles such as the Sonic series and the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series at Sega and Nintendo for over 28 years.

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